Bridgewood Homeowners Association in Merrillville, IN

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2015 Dues of $400.00 per lot are Due by April 30th. Please send them in now.

Please Read This Important Information: Managing Your Fertilizer to Prevent Storm water Contamination

Welcome to Bridgewood subdivision. We are one of the most beautiful and diverse communities in Merrillville Indiana.

Here you will find all the needed information and feedback about our community.

ATTENTION, Please see "Current News" for meeting information.

PLEASE NOTE: Our ice is not safe to ever walk, skate, or ice fish on due to aeration !

Michael Berdine       (President)                219-472-0046
Claude Powers         (Vice President)       219-769-6839
Vanessa R. Pryor     (Treasurer)               219-795-1602
Paul Dawning           (Board Member)      219-738-2186
Jerome White           (Board Member)      219-791-0969
Rob Gustafson         (Board Member)      219-795-1492
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